15 January 2010

oh, bother

sitting (no, slouching.....or maybe even laying) in my chair tonight............been in my pajamas since 6, pizza at 6:30, vegetative state by 6:45.

i can't even summon the energy to make a sugar-searching walk to the pantry or fridge.

so you KNOW i'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiired.   when i'm too exhausted to perform my nightly ritualistic search for a yummy treat?  yep, something's afoot.

actually, i think it's probably a cold.  the flu?  or maybe a sinus infection...............or maybe just the change in barometric pressure as we shift from sub-arctic temps to balmy, spring-like temps within the space of a day or two.  WTH.

whine whine whine.  oh god please don't let me get sick.  oh.......wait......it's the night before a THREE DAY WEEKEND begins.  of course i'm going to get sick........or one of the kids will.  it's a certainty at this point.

but then if one of us IS sick, we can make our monthly trek to the always entertaining Minute Clinic, a special place for those of us who only get sick on weekends and holidays.  where we can sit with the huddled, germ-ridden masses and pray for death.  and wait in endless lines for prescriptions.

why can't germs be a little more considerate of my schedule.


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