14 January 2010


there are tragedies, and then there are TRAGEDIES.  what we are witnessing in haiti right now surely qualifies as the latter.  this horrendously poverty-stricken country has barely begun to heal after devastating hurricanes in 2008.  and now Mother Nature comes through and bitch-slaps it again.  horrific.

it seems like the poorest countries, or at least areas of poor countries, are many times the hardest hit by these types of catastrophes.  see also:  rural china, indonesia, thailand, mexico.  just unimaginable.

most of us in the united states are very well-off compared to those in "third world" countries.  while we have our fair share of poverty and hunger, for the most part we are blessed with decent infrastructure, electricity, running water and access to medical care.  we can survive disasters because we can mobilize our citizens quickly, and can get help to those that need it.

when you live in a place like haiti, you must rely on the rest of the world when disaster strikes.  luckily the rest of the world is willing and able.  the world's 911 force (thanks L, for coining that great term), our united states, is sending huge amounts of aid, as are many of the earth's other powerful countries.

we should all do our part --- either by donating any $ you can, or by contacting your local church or red cross chapter, to see what else may be needed.

it's times like these that remind us that we are all really the same.   while some of us are fortunate enough to have all that we need, there are others who do not.  you can make a difference:  whether it is assisting a country like haiti during their time of need, or volunteering at a local homeless shelter, or pitching in to help our elderly citizens, or serving food at a soup kitchen, or just helping that family down on their luck.   remember, we are all HUMANKIND.


girlysmack said...

I am so disgusted by people who claim we shouldn't give money to Haiti, that our own country is struggling with the recession and unemployment blah blah blah... Seriously? No matter how bad things are right now, it is nothing compared to life in Haiti -- before this catastrophe struck. So sad and frustrating.

Wink said...

EXACTLY erin. i was so positively APOPLECTIC after rush limbaugh's comments (just as one example) that i almost stroked out. how can people be so absolutely inhumane. they are fellow humans, and they need our help. we can afford it, so we must do it. plain and simple.

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