17 January 2010


today is the michelle obama's birthday, our First Lady.  she is turning 46.  which means she is kindof my peer, age-wise.  within a few years, anyway.

wow.  am i an underachiever, or what...............she is a princeton and harvard law graduate...........and the First Lady.......and a mom...........and just generally a pretty cool chick.

it's always interesting to look at people across the spectrum.  whether you look at race, culture, age, sex, hometown, class, IQ, family background......that whole "nature vs. nurture" debate again i guess.  i'm somewhat intrigued by that, if you hadn't noticed.

astonishing the heights that some people rise to, and the lows that others fall to.  or those who just stay right where they started. 

is it encoded in our DNA to be successful or not?  some people certainly are born with more brain power, more ambition, more drive, more tenacity.  some are content to be what their parents were, others are not.  some are blessed with a bit of intervention from a teacher, a relative, or even a complete stranger --- that one person who gives you that "aha!!!!" moment where you know you can do great things........

to some, it comes early in life.  to others, later in life.............to the rest?  not at all.

which category do you fall into.


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