26 February 2010

Just Do It

i often dream that i am running.............weightlessly gliding across the terrain, heartbeat in my ears, effortless. i breathe easily, my stride is long and comfortable.  it feels better than i could ever imagine.

then i wake.

if only i could translate that feeling into my normal day, when i'm actually awake and could use some peace and serenity. i have never LOVED running, but used to do it regularly for exercise and for the quiet it brought to my mind. few things top the feeling when you have finished a long run. the endorphin high lasts forever............

sadly, that endorphin high is akin to the feeling gained after consumption of copious amounts of chocolate. or pizza. or BBQ potato chips. or genoa salami by the handful.......all of which completely counteract most of the benefits from the exercise to begin with.

at any rate, going to the gym and running were a part of my daily routine for years. then came knee surgeries, professional demands, children...........it seemed that the hours of the day became less plentiful as each year went by, and the excuses multiplied faster and faster.

what to do, what to do. how to re-motivate. how to make the time. how to grab that desire again.

honestly, Motivation is all around me. i have friends in abundance, and sisters, who work out regularly, run, go to the gym. they are all so fit and look amazing. if that isn't Motivation, nothing is..............

but there are always excuses. my latest one was The Snow. hard to run when it's freezing, snowy, windy, right? well, those excuses were pathetic this week as the weather actually improved, and much of the snow melted.  to make matters worse, i really can't even use the weather as an exuse.  i own a treadmill.  YES, i do.  it's in my office.  currently its being used as storage for some files boxes, and some clothes that needed to dry.  pathetic actually isn't even the word.  appalling might come closer?

i had to search elsewhere for some of that all-important Motivation.

as is often the case:  SHOPPING!!!!!!  it becomes the cure for all that ails. seriously. i figured that if i had a new pair of running shoes, and some other miscellaneous running THINGS, well certainly i'd feel it necessary to put all to good use. 

sadly, when i started going through all of my "workout gear", and i use those two words very loosely, i discovered these items.

yep.  brand new, tags still attached on all....................

then to make matters worse, much worse actually,  i TOTALLY forgot that i had gotten these when i was supposed to be Christmas shopping for others!

yay for me, i had actually taken them out of the box but, so far, they've only been used for walking into Starbucks and the grocery store (candy aisle of course), as i tried to maintain my strength to get gifts purchased and shipped over the holidays.  hardly the thing that Olympic dreams are made of.  

so, it's back to the drawing board. 

soon i won't have the winter layer of sweaters, vests, and long-sleeves to camouflage the parts that have become...........fleshy.  roundish.  jiggly.

and let's not even venture into swimsuit territory. 

oh.  wait.  I MAY HAVE JUST FOUND THE LAST SLIVER OF MOTIVATION. i really do not want to be mistaken for something mammalian that lives in the ocean.

so.  after i go out and buy some more cool, comfortable and fun things to wear, the workout regime begins in earnest.


07 February 2010


well, SnoTorious B.I.G. is now past.  there almost aren't any words to describe the magnitude of snowfall, so i guess HUGE, GINORMOUS, RECORD-BREAKING will have to do.  we got just a hair under 29" here in alexandria, and it was pure hell trying to dig out.  while i tried to stay ahead of the snow by shoveling throughout the blizzard, it was still quite the task.  losing power after the snow had ended was just the icing on the cake, to be perfectly honest.  it got mighty chilly by morning with no electricity, that's for sure. and the loss of cable/internet/phone was absolute torture.  i was feeling like laura ingalls wilder with candles and huge down comforters everywhere...........(now all i need is some fresh maple syrup to make candy and the picture will be complete).  supposedly we're going to be hit with another significant "snow event" on Tuesday into Wednesday, but so far the newscasters are playing it down.  i think it's so they won't be tarred and feathered in the streets of public outrage.

i know that everyone can read all about The Historic Snowstorm on the internets, and newspapers, etc..........so i won't bore you with any more of that bunk.

here are a few shots, though, for all of you out-of-towners, to give you an idea of just how much Fun we have (not) been having.  i guess the fun starts after the shoveling ends?

notice that the tree in my front yard is again featured prominently (and probably annoyingly, to most of you), but it helps to give me perspective......

more photos can be found on my flickr photostream to the right, under "a day in the life" tab......

the snowstorm was scary, cold, windy, icy, loud, and absolutely stunning in its power.  Mother Nature sure does wash away the yuck, and leaves skies of cerulean blue that cannot be matched.............

the air has never been this crisp and clean.

05 February 2010

la nieve

snowSnow is frozen water that falls from the sky. All snow flakes have six sides, but no two snow flakes are the same.  Snow is precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals. Snow is formed from the water vapor in the air at a temperature of less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

blizzardA blizzard is a severe storm condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy blowing snow. By definition, the difference between blizzard and a snowstorm is the strength of the wind. Ground blizzards are a variation on the traditional blizzard, in that ground blizzards require high winds to stir up snow that has already fallen, rather than fresh snowfall. Regardless of the variety of blizzard, they can bring near-whiteout conditions, which restrict visibility to near zero. Blizzards have a negative impact on local economies, and can paralyze regions where snowfall is unusual or rare for days at a time.  (duh.  see also: Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.)

those are the Real and Official definitions. 

i prefer these, myself: 

blizzkrieg, blizzardpalooza, snowmageddon, snotorious B.I.G, snowpocalypse, feblizzard, snOMG, (or, in this case, snOMFG), the big snowbowski, snowtastrophe, shovelation, shoveltastic, snowgasm, snowzilla, snowbliteration, keyser snowze, snownami, oblizzarated,.............TAKE. YOUR. PICK.  all monikers for our latest venture into Winter Wonderland..........

and It Begins: 

not too bad yet, but we'll see how it goes overnight, as we are expected to get 3" per hour at the height of the storm, with 24" on the ground by 11 a.m. 

hot toddy anyone?

03 February 2010


all i've been hearing all morning:

"at least it's a PRETTY snow".  wha???  who cares. 

well, ok, it was.  kindof.

02 February 2010


apparently, via some weird time/space continuum, i now live in minnesota, greenland, alaska, or some other place where the godforsaken snow is not an anomaly, but a regular occurrence.  so far this winter we have had one HUGE snowstorm (22" here), one medium sized snowstorm (7" here) and one small snowstorm (2-4") expected tonight.  kindof like The Three Little Bears only colder, snowflakier and much less fun to read about.

we live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and any kind of snowfall wreaks havoc and mass confusion when it falls from the sky.  even if it's just a little bit.  so the snow-removal resources are already stretched pretty thin.  and the general populace is losing its ability to deal with it mentally and emotionally.  oh.  it's just me?

tonight's snow is supposed to be over around midnight, but school will probably be cancelled for tomorrow.....AAAAANNNNDDDDDDDDD.  more snow expected this weekend.

it was kindof fun the first time as we were prepared for it well in advance.  it was really good sledding snow, so we made the best of it.  it was cool to put on ski pants, hats, scarves, boots.............but that novelty wore off pretty darn quick.  honestly, one storm --- that's all i really need.  one good blizzard per year suits me just fine.

i am now overdosed on snowflakes, and have no interest in seeing ANY. MORE. SNOW.  

so!  Wishful Thinking: