02 February 2010


apparently, via some weird time/space continuum, i now live in minnesota, greenland, alaska, or some other place where the godforsaken snow is not an anomaly, but a regular occurrence.  so far this winter we have had one HUGE snowstorm (22" here), one medium sized snowstorm (7" here) and one small snowstorm (2-4") expected tonight.  kindof like The Three Little Bears only colder, snowflakier and much less fun to read about.

we live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and any kind of snowfall wreaks havoc and mass confusion when it falls from the sky.  even if it's just a little bit.  so the snow-removal resources are already stretched pretty thin.  and the general populace is losing its ability to deal with it mentally and emotionally.  oh.  it's just me?

tonight's snow is supposed to be over around midnight, but school will probably be cancelled for tomorrow.....AAAAANNNNDDDDDDDDD.  more snow expected this weekend.

it was kindof fun the first time as we were prepared for it well in advance.  it was really good sledding snow, so we made the best of it.  it was cool to put on ski pants, hats, scarves, boots.............but that novelty wore off pretty darn quick.  honestly, one storm --- that's all i really need.  one good blizzard per year suits me just fine.

i am now overdosed on snowflakes, and have no interest in seeing ANY. MORE. SNOW.  

so!  Wishful Thinking:



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