19 January 2010


i'm sure you've had one or two.

that HOLY CRAP, OMG moment when you realize you've hit "reply all" on a snarky response to an email.  oops.  or you've accidentally sent out a Vaguely Inappropriate photo/video from the internets to your whole workplace email chain (in my case an entire elementary school) instead of to that one friend who would appreciate it, or at least wouldn't report you to the principal.  or you've typed out a nasty email about Someone and then, i guess due to having that Someone on the brain, sent it TO THAT SPECIFIC SOMEONE.  yep, that's me.  all of the above.

god i love computers, the world wide web, YouTube, email, FaceBook, Twitter............but the capacity for mortifyingly embarrassing moments seems to increase exponentially by each form of social media that you use.

why can't we go back to the olden days of hand-written letters.....to the heartfelt personal notes.  or even (though i detest the medium) to using phone calls to convey information, make invitations, reply and RSVP. 

phone calls, meh.  i'm too boring.  i run out of things to talk about almost immediately and i worry that the person i'm talking to will think that i've fallen asleep, am too stupid to speak, or just have no life at all.  which is actually pretty close to the truth.

and as for writing with pen/paper, i for one am WAY too lazy.   i type so much faster than i write, and i'm actually not sure i could sit down and write a whole letter without 1) my hand cramping up, 2) losing interest so quickly that it would get tossed in the trash, 3) feeling that my penmanship is so hideous that i give up halfway through the first sentence, or 4) wondering actually who is worth all of the blood sweat tears that go into physically WRITING something with the instruments originally designed (by god, or whoever) to do so.

but it would certainly lessen the chances for personal humiliation, wouldn't it.  you'd actually be forced to remember who you're actually writing something for, and instead of popping off a hasty and probably somewhat thoughtless email, you might put more effort into the whole exercise.

then again, typing an email does afford you the opportunity to instantly edit your words, and quickly organize your thoughts, unlike writing something longhand.  unless you are using a pen with erasable ink.  and do those things really work anyway?  never, in my experience.

i guess it's one of those double-edged sword types of situations. 

engaging your brain, and DOUBLECHECKING THAT EMAIL ADDRESS LIST, is probably the quickest and easiest way to avoid being fired, being un-friended, being un-followed, being disowned, and pretty much just being the biggest idiot on Earth.

or so i've been told.  by many.


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