09 January 2010


WOW it's cold out there.......i know it's winter-time, but there's a reason (among many) why i live in The South.  so i don't have to feel my lungs crunching with crystals every time i try to breathe outdoors.

now i know i don't have to get out and chop wood, and scrounge for kindling, and skin animals for clothing.  so i shouldn't complain, right?  too bad, i'm going to anyway.  so much for my new year's resolution that i want to be more positive, and find the upside in most things.  some things just are not good.  cold weather is pretty much at the top of that list.  it makes me cranky to scrape the windshield, take the dogs out, wear a heavy coat, wipe my nose ENDLESSLY.

how do minnesotans, and citizens in other hideously chilly states, function during the cold months?  i've heard (never been there) that in the Twin Cities there are covered tunnels and walkways between buildings and parking lots.  so there's that, at least.  but if you live in the suburbs?  wouldn't it just get to be mind-numblingly annoying to scrape, shovel, bundle, wrap, cover, and entomb yourself in multiple layers of clothing just to do your normal, everyday routine.  each day.  for MONTHS.  with no end in sight.

and if you have little ones?  omg the horror.  the snowsuits, the scarves, the mittens, the boots.  not to mention the trussing in and out of carseats............i wonder if alcohol consumption is MUCH higher in the northern states during the winter months.  

ok, i'm much happier now.  yes, it's very cold out there and will be for a while.  but i know that soon we will have sunshine, warmth, flowers, green grass.....sneezing, itching, wheezing, humidity, sweat.  oh bother.  i guess i just can't be pleased.


girlysmack said...

I have to say I am very thankful that there is no humidity in Colorado! It may be cold here but it doesn't feel cold. I wear a jacket rather than a coat most days...

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