14 September 2009


had the pleasure of spending the weekend with "the babies" as my daughter calls them.  my 3 1/2 year old nephew and 2 year old niece.  it was amazing.

i love the unadulterated joy you feel inside when a child's face lights up when they see you.......or how their little sleep-creased pink faces, upon awakening from a nap, can make your heart actually skip a beat.  my kids are older now so i don't get the unconditional displays of affection from them that i used to enjoy so much when they were little.  but i still get immeasurable joy from the pleasure of their company.

note to self about an interesting phenomenom - i had somewhat forgotten that a toddler's main job in life is to define the word "mercurial".  the swift change from happy to angry to sad to joyful is exhausting to watch!  can you imagine how tiring it is to actually BE that little person? 

i think that the memories of tantrum-filled days and restless nights mellow and fade with time.   how else would we be able to gird ourselves for the challenges of teenagers?

parenting.  an amazing journey. 


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