04 August 2009

oy to the vey

A few choice morsels:

"Holy Crapamole"

"Goddammit" (Not so interesting at face value, obviously. But considering the context - said by my not quite 2 year old son at first Thanksgiving with new in-laws? At the dinner table. Wow.)

"Hey Mom, when am I going to get furry like you."

"Your underwear is big."

"I wish I had wrinkles on my stomach like yours."

"Mom, is your penis as big as mine?" (Said at Target, while standing in line. With at least 400 people listening. Snickering and snorting heard as far as the International Space Station.)

All comments from my babies before they were old enough to be embarrassed or to intentionally cause embarrassment. I wonder what they say about me now.


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