07 August 2009

Dinner Impossible: Placentas

i just read, in a national magazine that will remain nameless (TIME MAGAZINE, TIME MAGAZINE, TIME MAGAZINE, sorry it just slipped out) that there are people out there who will come to your home, after you give birth, and cook the placenta from said birth so that you can eat it.

yep. seriously.

i think some people do lose their minds a bit after going through the whole birthing experience thing, but i had to read it twice before i actually believed it. not only that someone does this for a living, but that there is actually a market for this service? really? people actually want to save their placentas and then eat them? supposedly if you cook it, do other weird things to it and then turn it into capsules, you can take them like vitamins.  the placenta holds the key to eternal life. or something like that.

after i got to the part where i realized actual eating and consumption of the placenta wasn't exactly what they were talking about, i was less revolted.  that these people were, in fact, just seriously into the whole holistic organic whatchamacallit whatever movement in a BIG WAY. but still.

i'm sorry. i think there are some weird things in the world (swim cap fetishes for example), but this has got to be one of the weirdest things i've heard of. at least lately.

childbirth is pretty messy.  and it was totally worth every moment. but the placenta, or "after-birth" (actually one of the most nausea-inducing phrases ever), is probably the grossest part.

i hope they put mine in a hazardous waste receptable and didn't sell it on the PLACENTA BLACK MARKET or something.


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