04 March 2010



i've had a day where i said the wrong thing to Everyone, and Everyone said the wrong thing to me.

why is it that some days things roll right off, and other days things stick like burrs you can't get out of your hair? 

maybe because it's been a LONG week.  that's my story, anyway, and i'm sticking to it.  truthfully though, it has been stressful, busy, hectic, and packed full of the little moments that leave a mark.  and not in a good way.  i feel like i have welts all over from the little slights and snarks.

most of the time i'm pretty impervious to things like this and thick-skinned.  not today.  actually, not for the last few days.  feeling put-upon (taken for granted, taken advantage of.....the list goes on) has left me headed for martyrdom.  oh the drama.

and lo, venting is required in order for a modicum of maturity to be regained. 

let it begin.

i think the worst thing is when someone in a position of authority and responsibility continually falls down on the job, and isn't held accountable for it.  everyone else mops up the mess, picks up the pieces, and keeps things rolling.  but because they are adept at covering themselves, it doesn't come to light as quickly as it might otherwise.

i personally think it's time for the buck to stop.  while it is not particularly my job to point out these egregious grievous awful embarrassing constant stupid unacceptable errors, we are well into double digits (!) over the last two weeks.   big things too, not little things.  big things that really affect others.......this someone is in a position senior to me, but when the work/product overall is suffering and morale is sinking, what is the solution.

these little fissures of resentment breed bitterness...............then respect starts to erode and your whole perspective begins to change.  i think you're more likely to distrust an opinion when your internal radar is pinging, don't you?  when you are thinking to yourself, "this person is continually dropping the ball, how can i support them and their decisions, as fully and totally as before".

we all make mistakes, get distracted, lose focus every now and then.  but when it becomes habitual and almost EXPECTED for this person to make these types of blunders, i think action is required.

so, Heads Will Roll.  let the Face Punching commence!

nah, i just said that to get it out of my system.  after verbalizing my frustrations, i feel a bit better already!

now if i can just stop letting these frustrations get the best of me........

maybe i'll be less like Cruella deVille tomorrow and nobody will want to throw me out a window.

while i might lose her personality, the white streak stays.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you. I have experienced this kind of work environment too closely, and it is indeed demoralizing, draining, frustrating... And worse, I think, is that even when one is determined to shake off the day and stay positive, the more this occurs, the harder it is to stay positive.

So...good luck! =)

Jerseygirl said...

I hope things have gotten better! I hate these kinds of work environments.

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