16 November 2009

lie to me

What would you do if everything that you knew, had ever known, was A Lie.  A provocative thought, no?  Let's say, for example, that you had been given up for adoption.  Or you were kidnapped as an infant.  Or, even worse, you thought you were an orphan, but your parents had been alive your entire life.  And had chosen to send you away because you were a girl, not a boy.  All of these scenarios are based on reality.

Would you still be the same person?

Nature vs. Nurture.  Are you who you are based on your DNA?  Or your upbringing.

I think it's probably a little bit of both.  I honestly think that, no matter what, I'd still be mostly Me.  But I do believe that who raises us, who sets that example, helps to mold the original clay that was the original You.

Would I still love sunshine, licorice, ocean water, tulips, bacon cheeseburgers?  Yes, I believe I would.  All of the emotions and feelings involved in loving THOSE things are sensory --- and probably hard-wired into my brain.

But would I still be stubborn, good with kids, a music lover, a voracious reader, Type B, easily brought to laughter, generous................

I'd like to think I have my parents to thank for that.


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